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Telecom & ICT

Colocation and Lease of towers
Colocation is the addition of new customers to an existing tower. These customers are mainly mobile network operators but could also be internet service providers, broadcasters, security functions or private corporations needing point-to-point secure communications. Lease amendments involve adding additional equipment or providing ancillary services at existing towers for existing customers for those towers.

New sites (Built-to-Suit or BTS)
Where colocation is not available we construct towers for our customers, enabling them to expand their networks. We handle every step of the project to build a site specific to the customer’s requirements. This includes site analysis (land surveys, environmental site assessment, geo-technical analysis, zoning and permitting); site acquisition; permitting and legal due diligence; site development; construction management; and equipment installation, operation and management. We also offer camouflaged, or harmonized solutions according to the site surroundings to minimize visual impact. We also have expertise to develop interim solutions for seasonal or temporary events.

If a new tower site cannot be constructed, we can provide adaptable, alternative solutions such as pole mounted, rooftop mounted masts. The antennas in all solutions can be utilized for different wireless technology applications including voice, data and radio.

We acquire a mobile network operator’s or other owners’ towers (and related assets) and lease space back to them. This frees up their capital, allows them to expand their network quickly and for less cost, and they know they’re getting best-in-class service and up-to-date practice.

Inbuilding Solutions and DAS
We offer connected solutions for large buildings and offices such as hotels, offices, metro stations, airports, stadiums or shopping malls, which require more robust mobile services. This is an efficient and discreet way of creating better coverage for operators, and is also known as a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), which can enhance the value of the property where these systems are installed.

Small Cell
In high density, urban areas we provide small cell infrastructure solutions. Our equipment uses urban furniture to ensure mobile network operators can deliver low visual impact solutions and meet rising consumer demand for mobile connectivity in rapidly growing urban areas. Small cells are installed on commercial premises, poles and lampposts to maximize the most limited of spaces, improving network coverage and quality.

Fiber to the Tower
We offer dark and lit fiber solutions from our towers, as well as other connectivity solutions involving fiber networks, to support our customers in their digital strategies.