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MGS Rwanda

President & CEO

On behalf of all MGS management, I would like to welcome you to the our website.

Through years of strong past performance in commercial contracting businesses, MGS has built a reputation as a premier company that prides itself on designing and delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers.


The mission of MGS is to have a transformative impact on our clients and abide by our true values — our solid commitment is to always do the right thing by our to our clients, our people, and our communities.


We provide insightful technical solutions to our customers to meet their strategic objectives.


At MGS, we believe that core values are a set of guiding principles necessary to thrive in an increasingly competitive business environment. In the same way that you guide your life, we guide our company with values that have brought us to where we are today.

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Colocation is the addition of new customers to an existing tower. These customers are mainly mobile network operators but could also be internet service providers, broadcasters, security functions or private corporations needing point-to-point secure communications. Lease amendments involve adding additional equipment or providing ancillary services at existing towers for existing customers for those towers.

TRANSPORT and logistics

With more than 9 years and carries on the cargo transport program using the modernized trucks that have the bulker and beds trucks, we are quite confident that by holding sustainable relations with MGS Rwanda Limited, we shall be able to get to the apex of the transport industry in Rwanda, Great lakes region, Africa and the connecting to the international world business.

Business consultancy

Advanced analytical strategy experience and analytical expertise combines to enable decision making and create value on strategy, planning and problem solving, hence helping helps clients develop business skills and knowledge

ROAD COnstruction

M.G.S has built a reputation as a premier company that prides itself on designing and delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers. MGS has played a role in the economic infrastructure of the country Rwanda through investing in Road construction. This is not done only in Rwanda but also we have expanded our markets to the neighboring countries.

Heavy Equipment Machines

Heavy Equipment Machines are supplied for your convenience. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any type of heavy truck

Social support

Our social supportive program supports different categories of vulnerable families and individual. MGS has support more that 1,520 people in health insurance (MITUEL) since 2017 and not only that but we have been saving peoples lives especially those that are suffering from cancer through paying for their treatment and other hospital back-up and much more.

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Our first aim is the customer satisfaction. We cannot pretend offer a good service if this one does not meet customer requirements. When planning for an activity, we first make sure we’ve understood the needs of our customer so that we don’t go out his wish

It is good to deliver a service, but it is better when it is delivered in time. When something needs to be done, it has to be done in time. Why deliver a service when it would be no longer needed? We have to squeeze ourselves to meet the deadlines.

Driven by customer satisfaction, we have to be flexible and comprehensible. Customers are different to each others. Each customer has his own preoccupation and context. We respect them each other. Simply each of our customer is unique and deserves a unique attention

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